Realising Value

Unlocking Potential

Private Equity

We task ourselves to be a positive economic catalyst for the companies under our portfolio.

We identify and invest in firms with untapped potential and further enhance the value of existing great businesses.

When we perform for our investors, they entrust us with more capital, support our firm’s growth into new product lines and help solidify our leadership position in the marketplace.

Insurance Solutions

Our team of insurance management professionals work hard to tailor bespoken products with the clear objective of protecting our
customers – people and businesses alike – so that they can pursue their lives and ventures with peace of mind.


Due to the transnationality of our businesses, we actively tap on forex to hedge against any major disadvantageous currency
fluctuation, and to leverage on any trading currency that presents real strength against another.

This gives us and our partners the edge against any competition that operates out of single geographical location or deal only with a single currency.

Real Estate

Pretium’s broad alliance has enabled us to source out and to acquire well-located but undermanaged assets across Asia, even before the general populace is aware of them.

Post-acquisition, we manage these properties and ultimately maximise their value either by instituting best-in-class management, or by addition and alteration, before selling these assets and returning capital to our limited partners.

Information Technology

We believe in today’s highly connected world, information technology is increasingly essential for our competitive advantage.

That is why we tap on various digital platforms that deliver streamlined workflows, accurate and reliable data, and greater access to statistics – all in the time and format that our clients need.

To gain first movers’ advantage, we routinely study and invest in programmes that have potential to become game changing disruptors.

Life Sciences, Beauty & Wellness

An Entrepreneur reported has cited that the Asian healthcare industry is expected to grow by almost US$200 billion by 2020, to
US$2.66 trillion, driven by improved access to healthcare facilities, increased public and private investments, and government initiatives that promote medical insurance.

Pretium partners with pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology companies to address health needs unmet by the current market by tackling both treatment for the present rapidly aging population, as well as upstream prevention for the younger generation.