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A rising tide raises all boats.

Bee Farming in Myanmar

We have been working with the local non-government organisations (NGOs) to provide training and hives to farmers as part of their rural poverty reduction programs, as well as to support the honey market chain development in Myanmar.

Many of these farmers have gone on to fund their children’s education using the additional income, something that might previously not have been possible if they had relied solely on traditional agriculture.

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Coral Reef Restoration in Thailand

The degradation and deterioration of coral reefs in Thailand has continued for several decades due to pressures from fishery and tourism activities and, more recently, from bleaching.

Some conservationists, have now come to see the very same tourism – and diving in particular – as the solution to the coral reef decline.

By making simple “coral gardening” techniques available to leisure divers, various reef restoration projects have been rolled out.

Many among our staff are avid divers who have witnessed the escalating damage first-hand through the years. Thus coral reef restoration trips have become somewhat of an annual pilgrimage for us.

Stay tuned for our next run for the year 2020.